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Just to follow my query ,  my daughter is major , studying and not earning at present . So if I transfer funds to her account as gift then the   interest income from investments of these gifted amount will be clubbed  with whom.. to me or my daughter. Kindly clarify.


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There will be no clubbing of income and she can independently file her tax returns and offer such income in her hands

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Although this query is not addressed to me would like to clarify that I have already answered this a day earlier which clarifies all your doubts.

I am repeating the same for reference.

When you transfer money to your spouse as gift, income earned on such income is taxable in the hands of transferor.

When you transfer money to your minor daughter, income from the same will be will still be clubbed in your income (assuming that your income is more than your spouse's income), but you will get exemption of Rs. 1500per annum per child.: This is not applicable to you since you have clarified that your daughter is major.

When you transfer money to your major daughter, income from the same will not be clubbed in your income.: This is applicable to you.

It may be interesting to note that interest on interest may not be clubbed when clubbing provisions become applicable , say in case of your spouse or minor child..

Since mutual fund dividend or tax free bond incomes are not taxable at all, there is not question of the income being added, even if clubbing provisions do become applicable, however, you may show the same in your return as clubbed income and show exempt.

Please let me know, if you are not satisfied with the answer.

Sagar Jayawant


3rd Sept., 2015.

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the income o investments will be clubbed in your income

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