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About me:

Abhishek Dugar is a CA and CS. He has worked with TCS during July 2013 to July 2014 and currently working with one of the big 4 consulting firm in tax.

  • Income Tax
  • Service Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Corporate Tax
  • Professional Tax
  • GST
  • Audit

Abhishek Dugar's Answers

  • 1. Invested Rs. 30 Lakhs on Under construction house from own funds in the financial year 2015-16.  2. Selling a plot with a Long term Capital Gain of Rs. 55 lakhs in March...
  • Gift tax

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  • Gift tax

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  • Income tax on NRE FD during the resident status

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  • My wife has 1BHK in Pune before marriage (2006) with her father as second owner . EMI is paid by my wife. Now we want to sell that flat and purchase 2BHK flat in my wife and my...
  • Foreign Tax Credit

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  • Hello,    My elder brother is a resident citizen of UK and he owns a house in Bangalore. The house will be given on rent shortly and he wants our mother staying in India to...
  • Sir, I want to show my income from home tuitions i.e 250000 .I have interest on bank fd i.e. interest income of Rs 24000 on which 2400 has been deducted as tds. (A/Y-2014-2015)....
  • I want to gift 5 lakhs from my tax paid income to my younger brother in love and affection. Does my brother has to also pay tax on it once received? How much maximum money can I...
  • Hey experts ,    I would like to know if i would like to open a dubai based company in which no transctions would be involing india as in buying from x country and selling in z...

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