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Hello i am chartered Accountant based at Ahmadabad with master in finance and certification in international taxation and international business management. I am professional consultant.

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Vishrut Rajesh Shah's Answers

  • i have joint home loan on my husbands and my name.where he is borrower and i am co applicant .but recent rateof hdfc for women is 9.85.So if we converse the loan in my name then...
  • Dear Sir    I am a salaried person and filing my IT return by self online.    I have a question about Bank Interest income. As per IT upto 10,000/- Rs Bank Interest is tax free....
  • Case history                         fd a/c(cumulative interest mode)  original invested amount rs 100000.maturity amount rs 152279   starting date   25/05/2009 maturity date...
  • Overall I want to know whether net maturity value at hand for this a/cs will be maturity value minus TDS accrued for all (say)5 years period.If the maturity value is say Rs...
  • Being a service provider of various services and with out knowing the taxability of a particular service we have paid service tax on the service which is not taxable along with...
  • For an education institution registered as per section 10(23C) of Income tax act 1961, what are the items to be included as Gross receipts, and if there is any meaning for such...
  • I received capital receipt for penalty payment from a builder and TDS was deducted on that, I understand that this does not form part of my income. I am an NRI.  Question: Which...
  • i have 10 taxis. and two travel taxis.  i have rented them all.. i heard from someone that we need to pay service tax.. ido we really have to pay as i have never paid before

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