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Hello i am chartered Accountant based at Ahmadabad with master in finance and certification in international taxation and international business management. I am professional consultant.

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Vishrut Rajesh Shah's Answers

  • Can father and son purchase house in joint names to save tax

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  • Joint Demat account

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  • I have been in US since Aug 2006 (work visa) and now returning India next month to pursue a job. I understand that I shall have a RNOR status for all tax purposes in India.  At...
  • I purchased two flats .One in 1998 and other in 2006.Subsequently, I inherited another house. I have sold a flat which I had bought in 1998 and wish to purchase another flat  at...
  • Tax implication for resident Indian on fully owned RAK Company

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  • Tax implication for resident Indian on fully owned RAK Company

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  • I'm working as full time employee for an Indian company. I'm going to work as contract employee for a US company from next month leaving my present company. I'll setup a small...
  • After completing my master degree in law i am now a retainer with  a law firm since 2011, who credit professional fee on a monthly basis to my bank account. They deduct TDS @10%...
  • Common Sales Bill for Multifirms

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  • i have joint home loan on my husbands and my name.where he is borrower and i am co applicant .but recent rateof hdfc for women is 9.85.So if we converse the loan in my name then...

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